Which deed, towards multiple licenses annexed to or supported on it, was establish in more detail

15th. One to your 18 Oct, 1775, Tabac and certain most other Indians, all of the are chiefs of one’s Piankeshaws and you may as one representing, pretending to own, and you will duly signed up by one to nation in the manner said more than, did, of the its deed poll, duly done and you will impact go out on the day last-mentioned within the latest article away from Vincennes, if you don’t called post St. Vincent, upcoming becoming an united kingdom armed forces post, as well as a general public council around kept by him or her to possess and you can on the behalf of this new Piankeshaw Indians, which have Louis Viviat, of Illinois country, pretending to have themselves and for the Best Respectable John, Earl regarding Dunmore, next Governor away from Virginia, new Respectable John Murray, child of said Earl, Moses Franks and you can Jacob Franks, away from London area, in the uk, Thomas Johnson, Jr., and you may John Davidson, all of Annapolis, from inside the Russel, Matthew Ridley, Robert Christie, Sr., and you will Robert Christie, Jr., from Baltimore Area, https://hookupsearch.net/benaughty-review/ in identical state, Peter Compbell, out-of Piscataway in the same state, William Geddes, out-of Newtown Chester in the same province, enthusiast away from their Majesty’s tradition, David Franks and you will Moses Franks, each of Philadelphia for the Pennsylvania, William Murray and Daniel Murray, of your own Illinois nation, Nicholas St. elizabeth lay, Francis Perthuis, later out of Quebec, from inside the Canada, however away from blog post St.

And you can delivery with the most other tract at the throat out of Light River in which they drains to your Ouabache, regarding twelve leagues lower than article St

prove toward said Louis Viviat as well as the most other individuals past mentioned, the heirs and you can assigns, just as become split up, or even George III, upcoming Queen of good Great britain and you may Ireland, their heirs and you can successors, into the fool around with, work with, and behoof of all of the aforementioned grantees, the heirs and assigns, inside the severalty, from the any of those tenures they may really lawfully hold, all of these one or two numerous tracts regarding result in the fresh action like explained situate, lying,

Vincent, as well as for a beneficial and you can valuable consideration, on the action poll said and enumerated, give, offer, offer, alien, enfeoff, launch, ratify, and you will

and being northwest of the Ohio, east of your own Mississippi, and you will west of the good Miami, in the restrictions off Virginia as well as on each party of Ouabache, if not known as Wabash, hence one or two tracts regarding land was contains correspondingly inside after the metes and you will bounds, programmes and you may distances, in other words, beginning for example of said tracts in the throat away from a beneficial rivulet called Riviere du Chat, or Pet River, where they drains alone to your Ouabache otherwise Wabash, by their numerous programmes, so you can an area called Part Coupee, in the a dozen leagues over post St. Vincent, getting 40 leagues, otherwise thereabouts, in total, on said river Ouabache, on place of birth, having 40 leagues wide or breadth with the east top, and you can thirty leagues from inside the depth or depth into western front side of that lake, becoming went on with each other on the host to beginning to Part Coupee. Vincent, and you will running thence on the Ouabache by the their several programs up to they drains to your Kansas, being regarding White Lake for the Kansas, from the 50-around three leagues in total, nearly, which have 40

leagues in width otherwise depth to the east side and you can thirty wide or depth toward western side of the Ouabache, becoming went on along in the White River to your Ohio, with the liberties, legal rights, rights, hereditaments, and you will appurtenances towards said tract that belong, having also to keep to your grantees, the heirs and you may assigns, forever inside severalty or to the newest King, their heirs and you may successors, with the explore, work for, and you may behoof of your grantees, their heirs and you may assigns, due to the fact have a tendency to so much more totally come by action by itself, properly executed within the give and you will seals of the grantors, and duly recorded on Kaskaskias, towards 5 December, 1775, where you work of Louis Bomer, an effective notary societal, duly designated and you may signed up.

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